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Visiting Chickens


Our Visiting Chickens It wasn’t long ago that we had visiting Guinea Hens. They have now been replaced with Chickens. And, of course the Rooster leads them around the grounds. They wander around quietly, pecking in the grass, searching for something to eat. One

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Blue Heron

Blue Heron

Our Blue Heron This Beautiful Blue Heron With its Graceful,  Curving Neck And Long Slender Legs Has Been Spotted –  Standing Like a Statue Beside Our Small Pond Waiting to Catch A Fish or Other Prey With its Strong, Sharp Bill

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Attracting Birds

Bird House

We Welcome Our Feathered Friends ~~~ ♥ Bird Watching is A Favorite for Many People Our Residents Have an Array of Different Ways to Attract Birds Feeders ,  Nesting Houses, and Bird Baths In Different Shapes, Sizes and Styles Abound our Yards We

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Guinea Hen

Guinea Hens ~ Photographer:  Skeboone During the past Several Months, we had these Guinea’s visiting The Hills.  A few people were not bothered by them, but Most did not care for them.   Due to the fact that they left their

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