Guinea Hens

Photographer:  Skeboone

During the past Several Months, we had these Guinea’s visiting The Hills.  A few people were not bothered by them, but Most did not care for them.   Due to the fact that they left their droppings,  had a Very loud gargling,  relaxed on our porches, and  squished the lawns and flower gardens, they were just not welcome guests.picture of Guinea Hen

But most of all, they were a danger to their selves as they Roamed in the Streets as well as the gardens.  Here at The Hills, we were afraid they would be hit by a car Or cause an auto accident.  So – we asked the owners’ of these Guinea’s  ( from a farm behind us ) to keep them enclosed, so they would not roam our property.

Guinea’s are reported to eat ticks and insects, so there were a few  people who thought  it  might not be a bad idea to have them around.

The majority rules and it was decided the guinea’s must go and so it was !


picture of 6 Guinea Hens  ( the 6th is located in the far left of the picture)


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  1. mountainmae says:

    Where did they go? Arm the residents with water pistols?

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