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Ice Cream Delivery

Growing up as a child, it seems The Ice Cream Truck came by everyday.  Picture of Orange PopsicleIt was always something to look forward to after playing hopscotch and jump rope.  As soon as the bell was heard, there was a break from playing to run over to the truck and pick out an ice cream for the day.  Such fun and great memories…

Well, here at The Hills, we are fortunate enough to have The Ice Cream Truck  come by each week.  On Thursday, we  can look forward to the friendly chimes of Our very own Ice Cream Truck driving through the  neighborhood with many different flavors of ice cream or popsicle to choose from . It has been a great treat with all the heat this summer.  Yum, Yum…  This week , Dwayne said it was OK to take pictures of him and The Ice Cream Truck for our website.   A Big Thanks  to Dwayne for all the deliveries this summer…

Dwayne, the delivery man standing in front of the Ice Cream Truck

Nostalalgic Photo of Dawyne and The Ice Cream Truck (black & white photo)

A Little More Nostalgic Photo of Childhood Memories

Picture of different ice cream flavors and popsicles to choose from

Many Yummy Flavors To Choose From

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  1. you brought back so many memories. Thanks so much. This was great!

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