Mr. Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy


Pretty Boy’s life began in Haysville, North Carolina, June 2008.
He was not the pick of the litter, but last to be chosen.
As fate would have it, he turned out to be the best.
He likes to make his compadre’s think bad stuff, but he’s a push over.

The highlight of his day is waiting for the “Cookie Truck” —  (the mail truck).
He knows he will get a “Cookie” left in the mail box for him !!

Pretty Boy loves to travel and does extremely well.
He’s a “Go With The Flow” kind of dog.
Where ever the trail leads is ok with him, so long as he’s in the car.
Pretty Boy’s travels have been from the  East to West coast,
North and South borders and everywhere in between.

After an extended vacation,
Pretty Boy arrived home for his Photo Shoot !

Enjoy !!!


Pretty Boy- Dog

Mr. Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy waiting fo the cookie truck

“Mom, Here Comes The Cookie Truck” !!!

Baby Picture of Pretty Boy

My Baby Picture

Pretty Boy tilting head

“What Was The Question, Mom?”

Pretty Boy Playing Football

” I Love Playing With My Football”

Pretty Boy Posing in Chair

“Handsome Boy”

Pretty Boy Looking Up

” Posing For My Mom “

Pretty Boy Howling Like a Wolf

” Sometime, I Like To Howl Like A Wolf “

Pretty Boy Saying His Prayers  with his feet crossed

” My Mom Taught Me To Say My Prayers “

Pretty Boy Stretched Out For His Portrait

” Sitting For My Portrait “

image of Pretty Boy

“I Can Hardley Wait For The Cookie Truck “


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  1. Very nice story and he is a cutie!

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